Is it really generation gap?

I, along with my family was travelling to a relatives place by car. Mom and dad were sitting in front, me and my younger twin brothers were sitting on the backseat. All along the five hour long journey we were listening songs of 80's and 90's. They are a melody indeed but an excess of everything seems uninteresting, no? On our return I made a deal with dad, since while going we listened his songs, 'old songs' patiently, so while returning we would play our songs, the new songs from Chainsmokers, Charlie Puth, Adele, etc. And so we did. But after a while mom and dad looked apathetically into each other's eyes giving a hint that we were enjoying something baseless which had no head and no tail, completely going beyond their heads. I exclaimed, "your choices need not be our choices, and you cannot impose your choices on us!" Dad sighed and through the mirror looked straight into my eyes to utter, "yeah! We don't like your choices and you don't like our choices!" He took to driving leaving me think, was this that I meant by what I had said? Well no! I just told not to impose their interest in us, I did not say that because I didn't like their choice of songs but because they kind of bored me. He surely misinterpreted me absurdly. Was it generation gap or just misinterpretation?

Not just me and my family, but everyone reading this might have gone through such a conflict in and out of home, where ever maybe and then left thinking all over again where you ended up wrong.

Generation gap, as what we name it is nothing but a conflict of interests and choices between a group of people. Gen-Y might not like Gen-X's interests, similarly Gen-Z might find it better to stay away from Gen-X as well as Gen-Y at the same time. The seeds of generation gap are sown as early as in childhood and it takes the form of harmful weeds as the time elapses, taking a toll on relationships. Yes, I respect my parents and their wishes but that does not mean I have to follow them and whatever they think. I surely sonot mean I'm rebellious, but I'm free spirited. I don't wish to stay in someone else's influence of thoughts. They are right the way they think and we are right the way we think. The gap is due to the contradictory milieu in which both are raised. We are raised in the age of technology and commerce, while they did not have access to any such things. Mahatama Gandhi's ideals of non violence donot apply to the contemporary world. No one puts another side of his face forward for one more slap!

This so called generation gap can be rooted out only if both the ends try to meet unconditionally. If parents put a step forward the child too needs to step ahead. You need two hands to clap, one does not make it done. Running away from the fact will not help anyone. Compassion and patience are the need of the hour. If not the world we can at least change ourselves.

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