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"A girl's guide to a girl's heart- Part 1"

"She wants love, not lust.
She wants emotions, not touch.
She wants your hand in her hand, not on her waist.
She wants forehead kisses, not smooches.
She wants you to cuddle, not make out.
She wants your time, not your money or expensive gifts.
She wants you forever, not ephemerally."

Yes! That's what she really desires. She wants her man to understand her feelings without her uttering a word. It might be difficult for the guy but dude you can atleast put in your efforts to see a smile on your girl's face. Relationships should be considered as a blessing. Feel blessed to have someone who really cares for you. She showers her love on you unconditionally. You are a keeper. Keep her safe. She's precious even more than a gemstone.
Sure you can win her heart, you just need to put in a little effort and trust me she'll be yours 'forever and always' 💕

Take a look (it might work for you as well)--

1. Understand her:
Oh I know you're not God or an angel, …

"Cries of unborn"

That world is delusive
I cannot go out to play!
Bound within the four walls
Will I remain a slave(of people's thoughts)?

Through her ears
I've heard what they do
To kids born with two X
Oh! I do not want to go

I wish to breathe in fresh air
Devoid of all that hay
Bring me into the world of love
Where no one shall betray


"You've seen her"

You've seen her there, Simple and tranquil. Like an ocean, So still.
You've seen her there, Gazing at the midnight sky. Dreaming to be free, Like birds as merry as could be.
You've seen her there,  Adorning her face with a smile. To deceive the world, Filled with guile.
Freedom she desires, From The clutches of the society's Satire.
You've seen her there. You've seen her, EVERYWHERE !!
--Disha Dahiya

"How to become a winner at almost anything? "

A beginner is always a winner.
Not everyone dares to begin, some are surrounded by negative thoughts, such that they always consider everything to be 'impossible'. This unfortunate 10-letter word brings along with it a wave if negativity which sweeps away all the ideas blooming in our mind.

We all dream about one thing or the other. For some it maybe owning a Lincoln while for another it might be becoming successful. Dreams of every single individual vary. But, the question is- How many of us do really pull up our socks and work towards turning our dream into reality. Sadly, it's hardly few and those who did are not deficit of any introduction. Such as, Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Arundhati Roy and many more.

Many don't just begin, they surrender themselves to the fear of failure. Y'all reading this post, lemme make it a point that failure and success are two inevitable outcomes of an effort. You may succeed or you may fail, there's no in between.…

"How to tackle your problems with positive thinking"

Positive thinking is the 'art of achievers' We all have those tough times in life when we think this-is-the-end. Problems are a part of everyone's life in this era and with every problem compliments the way of tackling it, if not the solution though. Now, it depends on us how we manage these situations in our life. For instance, consider someone who is unemployed for the past few months, he surely is aggravated and in order to get money he starts stealing even though his conscious might now allow him. This kind of approach is due to negative thoughts he has carried with himself. Was he to be unemployed all this life? Rather, no. Such an approach may lead to I'll rapport in society, guilt feeling and moreover resentment. While on the contrary there's this man who too is unemployed for a long time but rather than opting for the easy way and playing blame games,he strives to get a job for himself by constantly looking up for Ad's, submitting his resume at various…

"5 Best places to visit in 2017"

Travelling lovers, gear up with your backpacks. Here's a list of 5 tourist destinations you must visit this year:
1. Indonesia

2. South Korea

3. Malta

4. UAE
5. Montenegró

"Achieving peace globally"

'You destroy your enemies when you make peace with them'  -Proverb

 Peace refers to absence of antagonism and is an ideal state of freedom and happiness, which can be established by following the path of religiousness and secularism and also by ensuing equality of laws. Peace is very essential for promoting well being globally. If people wish to establish peace they have to be in complete harmony and should cooperate with each other willingly. Peace nowadays has been hindered by wars,  throughout the world, as last year alone witnessed about 30 wars which were mostly civil wars. Not just on global level, peace can also be interrupted on a small scale, for example, when there is a conflict between siblings which if left undisturbed might continue to a much greater scale.
Any kind of violence in any form can hinder the propagation of peace.
Human beings are social animals and we live in a society where we have to be in contact with people on a day to day basis, and for this pur…

"10 most expensive s in the world"

Imagine that you won a lottery, what would be all the most expensive stuff you want to buy? Would it be worth 3 million bucks? Or maybe 4 million bucks...? Probably even beyond that! Let's check out:

1. IPhone 3 GS Supreme Rose - Price: $ 2.97 million
If you are among those who are habitual of keeping their phone somewhere and then forgetting, then this one will cost you dear. The home button of this iPhone is made of platinum. No doubt the price is so high.
2. Le burger extravagat - price: $295
All the food lovers won't mind shelling out 295USD for this delicacy containing Waygu beef and 10 herbs primarily.
3. Chopard blue diamond ring- price: $16.26 million
What a royal feel to walk out wearing this blue diamond ring by Chopard. Beware of the snatchers ladies!
4. Yatch history supreme- price:4.5 billion
The most unique and probably the most expensive yatch of all times, a representative of Stuart Hughes. According to sources the most likely buyer of this beauty is the richest m…

"My déjà vu is so extreme I can’t tell what’s real any more"

My déjà vu is so extreme I can’t tell what’s real any more
When a brain tumour left Pat Long with persistent déjà vu, he began to question the very nature of reality. Here, he tells his story for the first time.
One drab afternoon a few years ago something very unusual happened to me.
I was lounging under a tree in a packed east London park when I experienced a sudden feeling of vertigo, followed immediately by an overwhelming and intense sense of familiarity.
The people around me vanished and I found myself lying on a tartan picnic blanket amid a field of high golden wheat. The memory was rich and detailed. I could hear the sway of the wheat ears as a gentle breeze brushed through them. I felt warm sunlight on the back of my neck and watched as birds wheeled and floated above me.
It was a pleasant and extremely vivid recollection. The problem was that it never actually happened. What I was experiencing was an extreme form of a very common mental illusion: déjà vu.
We view our memorie…